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  ( JAN 2011 - MAR 2023 )

Last Updated : 28 Apr 2023 14:30(2011 = 100)

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1Single-detached house price index (including land)      
2    Nationwide157.1157.1156.7156.2154.8153.2
3    Bangkok and vicinities146.7146.6146.3145.3143.6141.2
4    Other regions (excluding Bangkok and vicinities)168.9169.2168.4168.7167.8167.3
5Town house price index (including land)      
6    Nationwide175.0174.2173.4172.1171.9170.8
7    Bangkok and vicinities172.0171.4170.5169.2169.1168.1
8    Other regions (excluding Bangkok and vicinities)185.5184.2183.6182.4181.8180.6
9Condominium price index      
10    Bangkok and vicinities194.7192.0191.3188.9186.0183.7
11Land price index 5/      
12    Bangkok and vicinities175.0177.6179.5184.3180.7181.4
Bank of Thailand
1/ Single detached house including land, town house including land and condominium price indices are constructed by using hedonic regression method (rolling window and time dummy), and 3-month moving average, which are calculated from mortgage loan data reported by commercial banks and government housing bank.
2/ Quarterly price index is the data of the last month in each quarter.
3/ Semi-annual price index is the quarterly average price index.
4/ Annual price index is the semi-annual average price index.
5/ Land price index follows stratification method with monthly weight, and 3-month moving average, which is calculated from mortgage loan data reported by commercial banks.
EC_EI_008_S3 Residential Property Price Index and Land Price Index 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/