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  ( JAN 1995 - FEB 2018 )

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1Juristic Act and Right Registration Fee for Immovable Property (Millions of Baht) 1/1,524.211,486.302,424.311,850.981,567.661,848.13
2    Juristic Act and Right Registration Fee for Immovable Property 2% 2/1,524.211,486.302,424.311,850.981,567.661,848.13
3    Juristic Act and Right Registration Fee for Immovable Property 0.01% 3/
4Land and building Transactions Nationwide (Millions of Baht) 4/76,210.6974,314.88121,215.5092,548.8678,382.9792,406.65
5    Central47,681.7446,078.6182,132.4161,083.3950,558.4262,491.39
6    Eastern9,052.569,490.1715,985.7211,685.299,648.2410,940.50
7    Northeastern7,256.147,040.639,483.367,674.926,569.557,137.14
8    Northern6,565.226,538.647,393.226,031.905,860.236,991.07
9    Southern5,655.035,166.826,220.796,073.365,746.544,846.55
10Land Development Licences Nationwide (unit) 5/5,305.008,600.005,121.007,645.0010,979.008,619.00
11    Residential Buildings5,144.008,465.004,974.007,431.0010,405.008,300.00
12    Commercial Buildings115.0038.0081.0094.00467.00228.00
13    Idle Land46.0097.0066.00117.00107.0090.00
14    Others0.
15Land Development Licences Nationwide (unit) 5,305.008,600.005,121.007,645.0010,979.008,619.00
16    Bangkok Metropolis713.00647.002,054.001,655.001,238.001,939.00
17    Other Provinces4,592.007,953.003,067.005,990.009,741.006,680.00
18Construction Areas Permitted in Municipal Zone (Thousand sq. metres) 6/1,614.511,338.232,049.581,454.741,476.642,056.87
19   Bangkok998.84784.911,392.87900.171,047.581,419.87
20      District Offices699.55498.80833.89569.69472.87739.49
21      Building Permit Form (OR 1)40.2137.67123.6316.0177.44114.42
22      Section 39 Bis of the building control act259.08248.44435.35314.48497.27565.96
23    Other Provinces615.67553.32656.71554.56429.06637.00
24Condominium Registration Nationwide (unit) 10,833.009,109.003,201.009,200.0011,168.004,863.00
25    Bangkok Metropolis 6,268.005,680.001,332.006,538.005,062.002,733.00
26    Other Provinces4,565.003,429.001,869.002,662.006,106.002,130.00
27New Housing in Bangkok Metropolis and Vicinity (unit)11,250.009,584.007,762.0010,538.008,404.0011,660.00
28    Housing Project3,101.001,950.002,476.003,954.002,530.002,483.00
29    Apartment and Condominium 7/6,551.006,069.003,764.004,729.004,308.007,287.00
30    Self - Built Housing1,598.001,565.001,522.001,855.001,566.001,890.00
31Property Credit Outstanding (Millions of Baht) 8/2,731,840.342,713,875.092,708,754.902,709,650.912,701,140.752,691,835.25
32    Real Estate Development Credit647,654.67634,506.19626,528.22643,484.23641,202.93637,126.19
33    Personal Housing Credit2,084,185.662,079,368.902,082,226.682,066,166.682,059,937.822,054,709.05
1. Department of Land, Ministry of Interior
2. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration , District Offices and Municipality in provinces
3. Real Estate Information Center
4. Bank of Thailand
1/ Data on the Juristic Act and Right Registration Fee for immovable property are complied by the Department of Lands. The Bank of Thailand (BOT), however, excerpts only data on “sale and sale with right of redemption”, excluding the case of property exchange, giving, inheritance, mortgage, transfer of property in lieu of debt repayment, rental, or any other cases that do not involve real market transactions on immovable property.
2/ The Juristic Act and Right Registration Fee for immovable property is charged at a rate of 2 percent, in accordance with Ministerial Regulation No. 47 (BE 2541), which was issued under the Land Code Amendment Act B.E. 2497 article 2(7).
3/ The Juristic Act and Right Registration Fee for immovable property is charged at a rate of 0.01 percent, specifically for those undergoing corporate debt restructuring process and legal execution upon bankruptcy as specified by the Cabinet (please contact the Department of Lands or visit for more detail on other possible cases of, as well as extension of period eligible for reduced fee rate).
The decrease of the Juristic Act and Right Registration Fee from 2 percent to 0.01percent has been in effect since 28 November 1998 onwards. Due to limitation on data compilation, historical annual data are available only from 1999-2002. The Bank of Thailand, therefore, estimates the corresponding figures based on distribution pattern of monthly data series on total the Juristic Act and Right Registration Fee.
The Department of Lands has compiled monthly data on the Juristic Act and Right Registration Fee separately between 2 percent and 0.01 percent categories, starting from January 2003 onwards (in line with the Cabinet’s approval on time extension for reduced fee rate)
4/ Regarding the estimation for overall land transactions nationwide, the Bank of Thailand derives the figures from the amount of the Juristic Act and Right Registration Fee, separately classified into 2 percent and 0.01 percent categories as explained in footnotes 2/ and 3/.
5/ Department of Land is in the process of changing their data collection method for provincial area, as a result data on land development licences nationwide classified by types was not available for dissemination for the periods 2000 – 2009, due to limitations from data owner.
6/ From January 2011 onwards, the data on construction areas permitted in municipal areas nationwide would also include permitted areas under Section 39 bis of the Building Control Act B.E. 2522 (1979).
7/ Since January 2006, the Government Housing Bank has used data (Apartment and Condominium) from the Department of Land instead of housing registration from district offices.
8/ From December 2003, Composing of Thai commercial banks (exclude branch offices abroad), foreign banks branches and stand alone IBFs. Including interbank , out-in and out-out operation. Because changing in presentation with regard to the classfication of business sectors in accordance with the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC) (Monthly data during October 2003 to December 2004 are not available).
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